Dear Brothers and Sisters

Assalamu Alaikum!
Trust that you are all well and enjoying the many blessings of this holy month IA. While we are indeed fortunate in reaping these blessings and rewards, spare a thought for the many suffering, homeless and destitute, hungry without any sustenance, sick or infirm. Gaza is 1 such region that still struggles from the destruction in the aftermath of the last invasion strangled by closed border crossings without any relief or aid allowed into the region. More than 60% of the population are impoverished earning less than 1USD per day and more than 50% unemployed. Their conditions have not improved: no electricity, no food, no medicines, no transportation, no jobs, no income….and the list continues. 

You can change this by donating generously to the FIMA Ramadhan Relief Fund. Your donation will feed a hungry child or family, your donation will buy essential medicines and supplies, your donation will buy generators and paraffin, your donation could save many lives. The El Wafa Charitable Society, 1 of the recipients of your donations, have planned the following activities this Ramadhan:
·       Feeding 200 people at Iftar each evening at $1450/day or $30,000 for the rest of the month
·       Eid gifts for 600 children at a cost of $12000
·       1000 food baskets for 1000 families costing $75000

Open you hearts and donate generously. We will need as much as you can donate. Let us raise $250,000 and put a smile back on the faces of our brothers and sisters and their children. We will accept all forms of donation: Lillah, Zakah, Sadakah, Fitrah etc. May all your prayers and good deeds be accepted and rewarded by Allah (SWT).
Jazakum’Allah Khairan Khatheeran
Ashraf Jedaar
FIMA Relief

FIMA Bank Details
Account name                               FIMA
Bank                                                Standard Bank of South Africa
Branch                                             Constantia
Branch code                                   025309
Account no                                     071848770
Swift Code                                      SBZAZAJJ

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