More than 1 million people suffer cardiac arrest every year with the vast majority dying before reaching hospital. Research shows that the quality of CPR delivered has a direct impact on a victim’s chance of survival. American Heart Association which known as World’s leading authorities on cardiac care updates its CPR guidelines every 5 years. That 5 years period is now, and it’s time to relieve the guidelines!

BSMI Jakarta Raya and PROKAMI Jakarta proudly present :

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Update

First Indonesian Cardiopulmunary Resuscitation seminar based on NEWEST AHA Guideline 2015!

The topics are :
– Update on Basic Life Support (dr. Muhadi, Sp.PD-KKV)
– Update on Advanve Cardiac Life Support (dr. Bona A Fitrah, Sp.An)
– Update on Pediatric Cardiac Life Support (dr. Piprim B Yanuarso, Sp.A(K))

• Saturday, 24th October 2015
• Auditorium FK YARSI

IDI Accredited! Limites seats!
Register your self now at bit.ly/cordae2015

– 250K (GP)
– 175K (Besides GP)

CP : Firdaus Cahya (087737927717)

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